ISSM/ISSO Training critique quotes from previous classes:

"Finally, after 28 years of service I got a course that actually teaches me what I need to know to do my job!! CWO4 USN/Norfolk Va.

"Class moved at a comfortable pace while providing excellent and challenging topics" SOCOM/Tampa GS-14

"This class should be mandatory for all security professionals" SOCOM/TAMPA USAF Col

"Very Informative! It is refreshing to attend a training class where the instructors provided an atmosphere of non-pressure learning while still getting across important facets of IA" SOCOM/TAMPA ITCS USN

"Knowledgeable and Passionate about the subject matter" SOCOM/TAMPA MSGT USAF

"This course is a wonderful training tool for a security professional" NSA Civilian (Baltimore)

"The best course I have ever attended including my military days" Contractor (Baltimore)

"Great course! The Material is presented in a logical manner with a nice flow" USN CIV, DoD Deployable system/Largo Fl

"The class was Great! The materials and instructors were the best! MANTEC CORP/CHANTILLY VA.

"Awesome course! The training exceeded my expectations. This course really sets the standard" Col USAF/J6 Pentagon course

"I enjoyed how you could relate each lesson, even to someone like me with little experience" E-5 USN/PACOM

"Wish I could have taken the course earlier. Now I know what has to be done and why, Outstanding" Chief USN/PACOM

"As a new CISSP, I found this course to be extremely useful. A great learning experience and an excellent review" Gov Civilian/SPAWARS San Diego

OUTSTANDING class! Exceeds the Booz Allen standard by far. IA2 possesses and demonstrates the triple-threat talents of (1) delivery style, (2) technical acumen, and (3) volume of knowledge. The triple- threat talents of IA2 are unparalleled: Two experts, Certified Master Training Specialists, 80 years of experience, numerous first-hand accounts --- Common accounts/scenarios that would normally be a C&A career-breaker; IA2 imparts sound reasoning skills and strategies to handle issues professionally and deftly. Now, I know why the first CNSS-4016 course was maxed-out here in the 'Springs'.

Thankfully, IA2 returned. The IA2 gentlemen are not just course instructors, they are mentors. Especially thankful for the lessons learned and insightful pieces of wisdom – they have immediate utility for those of us serving as Cybersecurity professionals for Air Force Space Command (AFSPC), North American Aerospace Defense Command (NORAD) and US Northern Command (Northcom), Defense Intelligence Agency (DIA), Air Force Life Cycle Material Command (AFLCMC), Missile Defense Agency (MDA), and Space and Missile Systems Center (SMC). We are better equipped to provide expert knowledge in terms of DIACAP and the Risk Management Framework on our national security systems. Thank You!

--- Contractor, Colorado Springs

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