Current Training Schedule:

We also have interest in classes (Both the CNSS-4012/NSTISSI-4015/RMF and CNSS-4016I/RMF) at the following locations: Indianapolis, IN, Quantico, VA, Camp Pendleton, CA, San Antonio, TX, Norfolk VA, San Diego, CA, Pensacola, FL and multiple Air Force site locations. Please use our contact information if you have any interest in these classes.

We are now working on our FY 2020 schedule. If you or your organization has any Cyber Security training needs, we can work with you to meet your needs. Just use our contact page.

Generally, we charge $1695.00 per student for both the CNSS-4016I/RMF and CNSS-4012/NSTISSI-4015/RMF Combo classes, however, pricing can be based on: number of students, location, sponsor, etc.

Payment is expected by end of training/graduation day.

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